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Professional Cleaning Services

Property Cleaning Services

If you have a property that requires cleaning, then let us know. We can provide domestic cleaners on a regular basis. Simply contact us and let us know what your requirements are. We can put you in touch with a cleaner that speaks your language. We do everything from the terrace to a depp clean of the house including windows if required. Just contact us and explain to us what your requirements are.

Holiday Rental Property

If you have a property that you need to keep clean and checked between clients then we can help. Our cleaners have specially written lists which they use to check the houses between clients. We could the laundry out and back again. Everything is checked to keep the property in perfect order all the time.

Carpets, Rugs, Sofas, Ovens and Upholstery Cleaning

We can wash and clean all carpets and rugs. Bring small rugs to the shop or we can clean the larger rugs and carpets in the property. We can also clean your sofas, steam clean your oven, dining room chair pads even sofas.