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We are not just a great laundry service ! We offer many other services:

Internet Cafe Service

We have one Cyber cafe spot in our Laundry for use by clients plus space for four people outside for use with the Wifi hotspot. (Blinds are available to drop for privacy on request). It is ideal for people wanting to check-in online to print boarding passes quickly or to lookup tourist information.
You find the interent confusing and you need extra help? if you find it difficult and need help with your check-in or maybe you need help with booking a flight, then we are happy to help you the best we can. We charge 6 Euros to check-in for you plus the standard cost of printing the boarding passes (see below).
Internet Cafe Prices:
Internet Cafe area: 3 Euros for the first 10 minutes and then 30 cents per minute thereafter
Wifi zone: 1 Euro for 24 hours with connection to Printer
Printing or copying is charged at 50 cents per page printed.
Scanning is free

Check-in and print your boarding pass

If you need a quick solution to checking in for your flight or printing your boarding passes then coe to see us. The Cyber Cafe is always ready for use or if you dont want the hassle then we are always available to help you get the job done.

Post Box Service with Scan/email option

If you do not have the ability to receive post or are not here to open your mail, then we can help. We provide a Post box service for for 120 Euros a year. If you wish us to check and open your post then we can do this for you also and scan and email any letters that you feel you would like to receive (for an extra fee).

Trips and Excursions

We offer a large number of trips and excursions. To read more about them please click here.

Airport Transfers

Our airport transfer prices are shown below.

Car Rentals

We offer a selection of car rentals. See our rental prices below. All cars are fully inclusive of insurance and extra named drivers are free. Yuo can leave the car at our shop or collect / drop back at Malaga or Gibraltar airport (extra charge for Gibraltar).