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Laundry and Dry Cleaning Services

Standard Wash and Iron Service

Our Wash and Iron Service is perfect when you have a large mixture of bedding, towels and bed throws. Simply bring your dirty laundry to us. We will wash, fold and Iron your duvet covers, sheets , pillow cases and tumble dry and fold your towels to make them smell fresh, thick and fluffy. This service is very fast perfect for home owners, rental agents or cleaners who have many properties to clean and need a good reliable support service from the laundry. When you come to use this service its always useful if you can bring a list of what you are giving us so we can enter it into the system. Just count the number of hand towels, bath towels, single sheets, tea towels, pillow cases, etc and it speeds up the process. For regular clients we are happy to give you cotton laundry bags to drop your washing off to us in. If you cannot face ironing then you are also welcome to give us ironing only

Dry Cleaning Service

We are pleased to offer a Dry Cleaning Service for general clothes such as mens formal jackets, trousers, tops, etc. I am afraid we do not offer a dry cleaning for leather clothes or clothes made of part material and part leather. This service normally takes about 5 working days.

Wash and Fold Laundry Service

Our Wash and Fold Laundry Service is a convenient and affordable way of having your laundry done by professionals in commercial machines similar to those you use at home. Your towels are retuned nice and fluffy and smelling fresh and luxurious rather than that roughness you get from drying on the washing line. Along with the rest of your clothes all washed, folded and ready.

For this service you simply bring your dirty laundry to us and we will normally have everything ready washed and folded within 24 hours. We charge by multiples of 5Kg and the more you bring the lower the price is. Our wash and fold service saves you time and reduces the headache of that dreaded “laundry day”.

To use this service, simply dropping off your unsorted soiled laundry. We will tag it and separate it out for washing and identify the washing requirements of each item of clothing and separate them by colour, temperature, and degree of agitation. Then our professional staff can safely wash every load with a high-quality detergent, chlorine or all fabric bleach, and optional fabric softener. They will gently dry your clothes, and carefully fold anything that doesn’t need to be ironed, such as knit shirts, pants, or socks, for you to pick up at your convenience. This service is normally 24 hours but we do also offer a same day express service.

If you bring us heavily soiled washing from maybe construction workers or those working on the local ship building yards and boat repair in the port here then it’s no problem. We are happy to take care of everything, we can make any repairs to the clothing and give you back clean fresh smelling work clothes. The is a small extra charge for the additional washing process when the clothes are heavily soiled and we need to use additional cleaning products such as de-greasers, de-odorizers, and various stain pre-treatments.

Iron Only Service

It might sound crazy but we love ironing! If you have sheets, shirts, trousers or anything that you have all ready washed but cannot face the ironing side of the operation then we can help. Simply drop it off to us and we are happy to have everything ironed just the way you want it. Shirts will be on hangers in plastic and just tell us if you want a crease down the trousers or not when we press them. Bedding will be folded and packed nicely for you.

Minor repairs and Alterations

Holes in pockets that need repair, rips in jeans or trousers that need fixing or patching, buttons that need sewing back on, holes in pullovers that require invisible mending, broken zips, turn-ups or sleeves that need shortening then we can do these alterations or repairs for you. Just bring the item into our shop and we can normally turn it around in about three days. If do not want the items laundered then please remember to bring the items in clean.

Carpets, Rugs, Sofas, Ovens and Upholstery Cleaning

We can wash and clean all carpets and rugs. Bring small rugs to the shop or we can clean the larger rugs and carpets in the property. We can also clean your sofas, steam clean your oven, dining room chair pads even sofas.

Collection and drop-off service

We are happy to collect and drop off your laundry. We charge an extra 1.50 Euros per 1 km distance of our shop in Estepona Port with a 10 Euro minimum charge. Just call 952 918 818 to arrange the details.


Do you rent your apartment out to family and friends ? Its lovely to own a property on the Costa del sol and to let family and friends use your property, but there are always a few issues practical things to sort out like cleaning the property and doing the laundry. Maybe we can help you with this as our service might be just what you are looking for...

Simply, register at our shop and will take care of the laundry and store it for you. Just tell your guests pick up their cleaning linen from our shop when they arrive and to drop it off when they leave. We will then launder everything with your sheets nicely pressed and smelling fresh ready once again for your next guests.

You have the option of your guests paying us or we can charge your credit card as we go along. You will get full notification of everything that is happening via our automated texting and email system so you will know exactly what has been washed and ironed by us and to keep track of things.

Further, if you should ever decide that you would like a bit more help with your property then we have an army of well trained professional cleaners and property managers that can help with preparing things for you also. We are always here and you can call us any time.


If you are passing through and you need to get your laundry done, then just drop it into our shop. We normally have your laundry back within 24 hours. If you are heading off and you need it faster than that then we can also offer you a two hour express service for those in a hurry.


We are pleased to offer a 10% discount to all senior citizens who wish to use our Laundry services in the port. Just show us your ID cad when you first come to see us and we will always apply the discount. You will receive your Polar Bear points as well !


If you are an independent cleaner and you do the laundry for numerous properties then please come and have a talk with us. We can offer you preferential rates and special treatment to ensure that you have the support of a laundry service behind you so that you do not let down your clients. Some laundry services make you wait over a week to get your laundry back. We can get your items washed and cleaned normally within two hours in the case of an emergency, however, we do normally require 24 hours. Its up to you –just let us know when you are dropping it off when you need it back.